Mario Golf: Super Rush new game release on 25 of June

Mario Golf: Super Rush video game launch on June 25 by Nintendo Game  .You can get it  in Nintendo Games store .Now you can pre Oder the video game on Nintendo Games store.

Mario Golf: Super Rush Evaluation

Mario Golf: Super Rush

There will be 16 playable characters in Mario Golf: Super Rush on launch, in addition to custom Mii golfers usable in all four of its game modes. Standard Golf will let players participate in a traditional round of golf, taking their time to line up shots and get to the hole in as few strokes as possible.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Golfers will frantically race to be the first to sink their ball in Speed Golf, where everyone hits at the same time and races to their ball, aided by a selection of power-ups. Battle Golf is a Speed Golf variant that takes place inside of an arena, with the winner being the first to get their ball in three holes.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Finally, the Adventure Golf mode is a single-player experience where a Mii’s stats can be upgraded by progressing through an array of different challenges.

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